Drill Pipes

OCTG Drill Pipes for Oil and Gas Field

PERFORATOR Drilling Technique

  • Drill Pipes acc. to API Spec 5DP
  • Certified acc. to API Spec 5D
  • Certified acc. to API Spec 7-1
  • Upset pipe acc. to API 5DP, quality class of material: E-75, X-95, G-105 and S-135
  • Upsetting shapes: EU (external upset),
    IU (internal upset) and IEU (internal external upset)
  • Joint material SAE 4145 acc. to API Spec 5DP

  • Tong space length acc. to API standard or at customer requirement
  • Measures from 2 3/8" to 5 1/2"
  • Length from range 1 to range 3
  • ARNCO hardbanding 100 XT, 150 XT
  • Hardbanding Tuboscope TCS Titanium and Tuboscope TCS 8000
  • Hardbanding Armacor M
  • Internal coating TK 34 and TK 34-P

Pup Joints, HWDP and Drill Collars on demand.

Friction welding
Hard Bending
Heat Treatment