Upstream Pumps


Above all, this system is suitable for deep installation including doglegged and horizontal bore holes.

A remarkable feature of this conveying system is that no rods are required and, thus, wear on the tubing is dramatically reduced.

Large Range of Capacities and Pressures
Capacities from 1 m3/day (6 bpd) up to 350 m3/day (2,200 bpd)
Pressures up to 240 bar (3,400 psi)
Installation depth up to 2,200 m (7,700 ft)

Downstream Products

Downstream Pumps

NEMO® Downstream Products

We convey your medium to where you need it!

NETZSCH PUMPS® for downstream applications are very versatile due to the large assortment of construction materials and sealing systems that we offer. With these pumps, the viscosity and composition of your crude oil are never an issue. The optimal solution to your task can always be found from among many construction materials and conveyance geometries.